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Commercial Litigation


As a boutique litigation firm, our office has represented numerous individuals and companies in connection with their business related disputes, including disputes with partners, co-shareholders, employers, vendors, and contractors, as well as disputes with large institutions such as banks, insurance companies, municipalities and government entities.  Our office has substantial experience handling nearly every type of business litigation matter, including matters involving: 
  • Shareholder disputes, including oppression by majority shareholders of minority shareholder
  • Breach of Contract 
  •       Breach of Employment Contracts
  •       Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  •       Restrictive Covenants/Covenants Not to Compete
  •       Real Estate Disputes, including disputes regarding title and ownership interest
  • Lender Liability
  • Tortious Interference with Contracts
  • Preliminary Injunctions and Temporary Restraining Orders
  • Civil RICO (from both defendant and plaintiff perspectives)
  • Breach of Insurance Policy Agreements, including agreements for disability benefits
  • Insurance Bad Faith
  • Fraudulent misrepresentation
  • Opening and Striking Confessions of Judgment
  • Defending the Opening and Striking of Judgments (including judgments entered by confession)
  • Securities Fraud, Investment Fraud and Investment Suitability matters, both in court and in connection with FINRA (formely NASD) arbitration (representing  Plaintiffs/Claimants (investors) as well as Defendants/Respondents (brokers/investment managers))
  •       Broker vs. Broker-Dealer disputes
  •       SEC Broker Licensing Issues
  • Attorney Malpractice
  •       Commercial construction disputes
  •       Collection of Commercial Debts
  •       Defense to attempts at Collection of Commercial Debts
  • Replevin Matters
Below is a list of selected cases in which our office represented clients against large institutions and municipalities: 

          Banks and Lender Liability

--    $1.5 million verdict in favor of developer against established bank for refusal to honor loan commitment; despite bank’s denial that borrower met conditions of commitment letter;


--    Successful defense on behalf of local businessman against bank attempting to enforce multi-million dollar repayment of loan, based upon client’s claim that bank’s conduct interfered with client’s business;


--    Substantial settlement against large local bank on behalf of developer based upon claim that bank improperly categorized construction loan proceeds;


--    Successful defense of bank’s attempt to enforce multi-million dollar loan repayment based upon client’s claim that bank damaged client’s business during the bank’s loan collection process;


 --   Obtaining injunction against bank barring it from filing confession of judgment against borrower, protecting not only money, but borrower’s credit status and reputation;

--    Successful opening of judgment against major financial institution;

--    Obtaining of a forebearance agreement from regional financial institution and vacation of judgment after filing of petition to strike and open judgment entered by confession.


Real Estate Developers vs. Municipalities


·    $21.6 million verdict against municipality as damages for failure to honor developer’s claimed right to develop waterfront project


·    Large jury verdict in favor of developer and against municipality for failure to enter into lease agreement with developer 
·    Substantial settlement for developer against municipal agencies for refusal to allow developer to build at redevelopment site 
Insurance Bad Faith Litigation


·    $1.95 million settlement against insurance carrier for failure to pay insurance benefits to policyholder


·    $1.93 million verdict for failure to pay proceeds of insurance policy


·    Numerous other substantial settlements in cases involving failure to pay disability benefits and other insurance


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